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What will the most wanted jobs be like 5 years down the road?

What will the most wanted jobs be like 5 years down the road?

With Singapore shifting forward digitally in the economy, workspace and recruitment, we will see a surge of application in positions such as Cyber Security Specialists, Data Analysts, UX/UI Designers and other Infocomm Techonlogy (IT) roles.

This would be difficult for newcomers as there will be a steep learning curve in IT. As IT is changing every decade, no, every year, in terms of performance, processing and productions. Many technologies have brought up in the recent years that has boost the financial sectors as well such as blockchain. (bitcoins etc.)

The finance sectors, would need to have more security to handle cyber attacks. Speaking of finance sectors, the finance side will still see a demand of tax compliance as the need of a strong technical understanding and familiarity of regulatory rules, stakeholder engagement and management skills.

Our way of work will be automated one day, replaced by robots and other AI infrastructures making our way of life easier and more convenient. For now, we look forward on how to adopt these functionality and be conservative regarding changes in the organisation.

We should be quick in adapting as the world is everchanging. One Nokia was once held the best in mobile manufacturing, as they were late to the party, they were not able to grasp the situation and their shares drop in one fell swoop. Nokia ended their statement, quote: “we didn't do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

The Human Resource Decision Makers (HRs) should be focusing on acquisitioning IT to digitize work in HR technologies such the HR Information Systems. Outsourcing for HRs, they can easily focus on other important task while the measly task can be done by the outsource.

Looking forward, these are the sectors that will be high in the demand: Finance, engineering, technicians, IT.

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