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Work to live or live to work!

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Do you work for long hours and have the expectation of 24/7 connection? Has the latest technology such as laptops and tablet invaded your personal privacy and affected the way you work! Or is it the work load of our duties impact our work life balance and daily activities. Very often you hurry to respond quickly to all the emails and short text messages. Does your employers and leaders' expect you to reply an email or client email within a certain timing? How does such work expectations impact your performance and personal life?

The advancement in technology such as instant chat, video conferencing and others can be useful tools and harmful tools to both employer and employee.  The expectation for better work performance achieving goals and objectives, the efficiency depend on how fast you react to the situation and at times increased pressure on other colleagues within the organization.

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The most challenging part for most people how to improve work-life balance is finding a job that they like and will pay for their bills. This change cannot be made overnight for people with young families, big mortgages bills and expensive lifestyles. You may feel pressured to sacrifice a personal time just to keep your job. However, it depends on how we want to strike out a work life balance, you work to live, not live to work. Every one of us has to pay the mortgage loan, other daily necessities and your kids education fees.

You want all the money and lose the hours with your loved ones, is it  worth? You are too caught up in work that you forget to prioritize what you want. Your employer and leaders do not take charge of your work-life balance, is up to you to prioritize what you want. To some other people, money may or may not be a major motivation. Technology is here to stay and change, faster than ever, and it will always be improving for the better, so start taking charge of your life and prioritize what you want in life. Technology is a matter of convenience, do not let it affect your personal life. But without this type of technology, employees would often work late past their lunch, dinner hour or even staying overnight at workplace.

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How do you work out a work life balanced and yet able to fulfil your employer expectation? Work life balance is a personal thing and you must know what works for you and not what works for someone else. Knowing what you want is vital and the factors affecting your work life balance and happiness, and also for finding a way to satisfy your purpose in life. A simple way to begin, you will need to understand what happiness and money mean to you. You will need to work out a time management how you want to spend you time between work and personal. Lastly, you will need to manage your employer and leader expectation and demands on you that may be challenging but it is important for them to know. Remember a little relaxation goes a long way.


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