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What are the new updates to the employment act starting next year?

Employers and HR decision makers should take note of these key amendments:
  1. -  Core Provisions extended to all employees
  2. -  Additional protections (hours of work, overtime pay and rest days) extended to more employees 
  3. -  Enhanced flexibility for employers
  4. -  Employment dispute resolution framework enhanced
  5. -  Recognise medical certificates (MCs) from all doctors for paid sick leave

Before the amendment, The Employment Act does not cover Core Provisions to Managers and Executives (M&Es) earning above$4,500/ month.

In addition, the Act only provides a set of additional protections such as on hours of work, rest day and overtime pay. Part IV of the Employment Act (EA) covers workmen earning up to S$4,500, and non-workmen earning up to S$2,500. They are collectively known as Part IV employees.

Currently, wrongful dismissal claims are heard by MOM, whereas salary-related claims are heard by the TADM (Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management/ Employment Claims Tribunals). M&E can seek help if they have served the employer for at least a year. 

In terms of recognising the medical certificates today, employers are required under the Employment Act to accord paid sick leave only if the medical certificate (MC) is issued by Government and company-appointed doctors.

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