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5 Tips on Job Searching on Facebook

If you are new to job search on Facebook, you might want to follow this initial steps on building a list of jobs acquisition via Facebook. So, we believe that you have already created a facebook account to start your job search.

So one thing to note is to prepare your resume and necessary documents/ portfolios and work relevancy to the job you need. While on this topic, we may want to go various ways to find jobs through Facebook job groups, adding recruiters or the recently launched Facebook Jobs.

We require you to follow as many jobs groups, search for ‘jobs *country name*’ on the Facebook search bar eg. Jobs Singapore and go to the group tab. There will be a list of jobs interest groups for you to follow and do follow all of them. Once, you get accepted into these groups, we are ready to start following my tips.

1) Search for jobs by using the search bar inside the job group

In all of the facebook group, there is a search bar for you to use. Not many know of this function as they thought it’ll be the same function as the normal search bar on top of your Facebook page. But in retrospect, by typing your job position, Facebook will retrieve all the jobs posted to the related to your search in the group. Thus making it easier to view the jobs recruiters posted in the group.

An example is as shown:

2.      2) Add the recruiters as your friend

Example of a recruiter
-        I know its privacy and some people don’t like to get added but many are quite open to getting added as friends, especially the recruiters are on Facebook to help job seekers. You can directly contact them for jobs and will usually post their job postings on their timeline too.

3.       3) Dress for the job you need and not for the job you have.

-          I personally think this is the quote to go by when you create your Facebook account and writing resume. As truthful as it is, recruiters may visit your profile to see and understand what you do for a living. As you have added them as friends, or you have Private Message (PM) them for jobs, they would want to know whether you are a real or not.

This is an example of how a fake account looks like, which recruiters will avoid you and remove you as a friend:

Example of a fake account.

It's empty. So, what you might want to do is to update your profile with your photos. Write more about yourself and your achievements.  

Also, resumes, on the other hand, its to write honestly about yourself. Include your latest achievements and documents. So when you go for an interview, the HR have already know you and praise your honest achievements.

4) Finding jobs which are not scams.

Have you ever encountered a certain job post that seems too good to be true?
Jobs in Canada posted in Jobs in Singapore group, Eg:

Example of a fake advertisement

Obviously, you don’t inquire about this sort of advertisement because it's just too good to be true.

Another example would be jobs that require you to hand over your money even before meeting the recruiter. Find out if the agency is legit by searching for their EA ID or their agency name on google. Then, look for the recruiter's name if he is there.

You can visit MOM site to search for their EA number in the Employment agencies and personnel search (EA Directory) if it's legit.

(Example of an Employment Agency profile on MOM site.

Step 5 – Apply as many positions as possible

If you found the job that you were looking for on Facebook and PM’d the recruiter, keep looking for more. Chances are, over 1000+ people are also applying for the same jobs as you.

At the end of the day, the recruiters would probably have to settle all the applicants one by one. It’ll be a few more hours if the person would reply back to your application.

Most of the times, you may want to keep updated on the groups with new job posts. So what you are going to do is to set your group notification to all. So, when there are new jobs available, you’d be the first one to get notified and you may apply for the jobs advertised.

Enabling to get notified on all posts in the jobs group

To end off this blog, I can say that job search on facebook would be a good experience for you to start finding jobs because, despite its downside such as fake advertisements, you learn from your mistakes and probably evolve on how you do jobs searches on not just Facebook, but other online platforms as well.

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