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Singapore's Job Market.

Singapore's Job Market

Job seekers are having a hard time finding jobs in Singapore due to declining job positions and freezing headcounts. Some polytechnics and universities graduates are still jobless due to lack of experience and most companies look for employees who have minimally two years’ experience in the industry.

Even for mature workers with ample working experience in Singapore are still finding it hard to find the right job.   On top of having difficulties finding the right job, they also face concerns regarding their families and coping with everyday life.  
It’s a small country. Coming from a design student's perspective, I'm just as dumbfounded. Of all the skills learnt in school, only a fraction applies to our life and even lesser of it, is applicable to work. We have to constantly upgrade ourselves one way or another. Either by learning the skills from YouTube videos or attending lessons that are costlier which in the long run, will provide better returns.  

Set aside those hardships, think hard. What do you want to achieve in the future?
Do you want to be successful? Do you want to build your own company and leave behind a legacy? Working hard enough so that you can save for your future retirement or spending a little bit more for that luxury retreat at Maldives?

Whatever your dreams are, bear in mind you have not lost anything.
Grasp that goal in your hands tightly, embrace it because that will motivate you to get the job that you want. The job that will achieve your dreams.

Personally, I run these steps with myself to ensure I get the right job.

STEP 1 - Keep yourself updated 

Similar to the iOS and Android OS, we have to keep ourselves updated function better than what you were previously. Pick up some skills or two, over here.

Do not be content with skills on Microsoft office only, you also need to adapt to the industry and hone more skills. Learn for example on how to edit using Photoshop, public speaking and learning how to be patient because the mail never comes early. (It’s a metaphor)


STEP 2 – Learn from your mistakes

Maybe, you’ve been through this one time or another. You learn from your mistakes not to actually play with matches or sharp objects. One time or another, you may have scored a goal by kicking that ball onto that fragile vase. We learn from mistakes and avoid our mistakes. That is how we mature. Yes, this applies to job searching and interviewing.
Know why you were not selected on interviews. Know why you got accepted into interviews. Learn from your friends how to they got in or out. Improve yourself, avoid common mistakes during interviews.

STEP 3 – Don’t give up 

Many people including myself, almost lost hope in darkest of days. The lack of income and pocket money. The constant need of finding a job is dire. You will start to beg to the lord for a job. Like the man says, the world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to be patient and make a step towards greatness.

Really, again, everyone always quotes this again from time to time, “FALL SEVEN TIMES, STAND UP EIGHT”. No matter how many times you fall, get back up again and do it again. Be that Rocky Balboa in you that never stop moving forward even when your opponent knocks you back a couple of times.


Finding jobs is tricky, no matter the ordeal, slowly but surely you can achieve your goals and dreams.

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