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How to build a resume

It’s the start of November and some may have slight difficulty in finding a job. The first step to land the ideal job is a good resume.

No resume? Unsure on how to write your content? Have a resume but the content does not reflect your personality? Do not stress and let this be a guide for you to craft an effective resume.
To stand out from other resumes, you can unleash your creativity and design your resumes to make it more visually appealing especially with the use of colours and borders. The following blog post will show you how.

Tips: Your resume can be created chronologically/functionally or a combination of both with 2 pages or more. Use online resume builders for simple resume building. We even have our own ‘create your resume’ section on our website once you’ve created an account at FindSGJobs.com


Your name
[Your Full name as in Identification Card]
Provide a professional email address
Good example would be Brandon.lee@cmail.com or BrandonL93@cmail.com]
Mobile Number
[Your number should be contactable locally]
Website (if you have any)

Know what you want to do in this field and your career outcome. Limit this paragraph within 50 words about yourself and the skills that can benefit the company that you are applying.

If you have multiple jobs that you want to apply, then create different resumes to cater to different jobs and objectives accordingly. 
Never brag about yourself. This will be an immediate failure in hiring.
Ensure you remember what you wrote in the objective to prepare yourself when the interviewer ask what you objectives are.
Be honest. 

List down the skills you have such as Python or CSS as a coder, HTML and Dreamweaver as a web developer, Illustrator and Photoshop as a designer or any other applicable skills.
Make yourself relevant to the desired job or as flexible as you can be. Yet, the skills learnt must be relevant to the needed position/industry.

Don’t lie: If you have the skills but know very little of it, try not to put it in this field because you might embarrass yourself for not knowing the skills when they expect you to use it. 
Brush up on those skills. One might even forget the basics and the position might be dependent on that particular area. 

Be meticulous and chronological. List down your work experience starting by the most recent to the oldest. The Human Resource Manager would not even bat an eye if you start from the oldest.
If you are a fresh graduate and have no work experience, simply indicate so.  
If you have working experience, employers would want to know where you have worked, the type of job position and duration will be their assessment on your personality. Do mention if you get received any achievements from the company.
        Be honest about what you indicate. Honesty is the best policy. Employers will some time dig up your past. They have huge connections and networks between companies and you do not want to underestimate them.
-          If applicable, you can also state when you finished National Service/Army.
-          Describe what you did there and the allocated responsibilities.
-          State why you left the job (Career Switching/ Starting school again/ Company is downsizing)
o   Career Switching
o   Starting School Again
o   Downsizing Company
o   Etcetera

State the most recent school you have attended or graduated from. For example, if you recently graduated from a local university, state what subject or course you’ve majored in. Any achievements or clubs you participated in. Highest qualification you’ve received or any commitments.
-    Mention if you have learned from online courses and include the website as well. 

So what did you do to get those awards? Aced your GPA that you’ve received the Director’s list or Dean’s list award? Your school won the Interschool Soccer Championship? List them down!Any leadership skills award or anything outside schools will be much appreciated to be known by the employers.

They want to know how you manage your free time.

-    Check your grammar. Use an online grammar checker. They are mostly free.
-    Ask your friends to comment about the resume. Ask them what you can improve on
-    Admit that everyone makes mistakes but do not repeat it. It will be embarrassing if the employers spot it before you! Left anything out? Or anything that you think it’s not related? 

Register at FindSGJobs.com and find your job opportunity now!

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