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How to use Social Media to HIRE

Social media has transformed our society in ways that we never they could be possible, as we connect with people from all over the world in just a few seconds. However, social media also opens new horizons as well, and one of them is surely social media recruiting.

What is Social Media Recruiting?
Social Media Recruiting is a technique that leverages the power and exposure of social media platforms to find talent databases. At the same time, this recruitment method uses social media for advertising the unfilled position in a company. There are multiple social media platforms that can be used for recruiting, with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, BranchOut, Xing or even Reddit being some great examples in this regard.

The way Social Media Recruiting works is that it uses the profiles, blogs and the communities that can be found in these platforms in order to find persons that suit the profile of a company. Since social media is very personal, most people post valid information about them, which makes it a goldmine for the human resources departments.

How can the HR benefits from the social media recruit?
One of the major benefits that social media recruiting brings is definitely the fact that the recruiting process is simplified and streamlined. Instead of waiting tirelessly for people to apply, a company can easily find people that are fit for their tasks and approach them directly.

Moreover, social media recruiting saves a lot of time and money, so any company can benefit from it from these great advantages!

How can we make use of social media recruiting to target the right job seeker group?
The process is simple, you just need to focus on a job portal platform that focuses on social media recruiting and access the social profiles of potential candidates base on keywords. Keywords are really useful when it comes to social media, but hashtags can also bring the right results. Just insert the desired hashtag/keyword that showcases a certain skill, for example #java or #writer and you are bound to find professionals easy. Yes, this is very different from traditional recruiting methods, but it’s just as helpful.

How the Jobseeker benefited from this social media job posting
Social media recruiting also helps the job seeker, because he gets a lot more exposure when compared to sending a simple CV. Not only that, but the same professionalism is maintained at all times, which surely makes this recruiting method very useful in a multitude of situations.

As you can see, social media recruiting is definitely the recruiting method of the future. Human resources departments need to integrate it as fast as possible into their endeavors because not only it’s a much faster way to recruit persons, but it also brings access to a a wider range of professionals, which would otherwise be impossible to find.

In addition, social media recruiting is great because it lowers the recruiting time and costs as well, so the company can actually find better qualified professionals without increasing the expenses. All of these combined clearly show how useful and important social media recruiting really is, so if you want your business to move onward and become a success, then integrate this recruiting method with your HR department!

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