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Human Resource e-Career Fair is now LIVE

Are you trying hard to find a job in HR positions? Or are you looking for a career switch yourself?
Look no further! e2i and FindSGJobs have co-organised an online job fair for HRs (also known as) the Human Resource e-Career Fair. 

This online job fair, was recently launched and will be live till June 30th, 2018. By then you have more time to explore the vacant positions offered by various companies.

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Furthermore, some companies can speak to you LIVE.

With the built-in chat function in the portal itself, jobseekers can 'chat' with the employers when they're online OR leave a message when they're away. Its the fastest and easiest way to answer most of your queries.

HR e-Career Fair offers positions such as Payroll Officer, HR Executives, HR Officer, and many more..

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