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How to make a Visume? (Video Resume)

Ever heard of the word: Visume?
It's short for Video Resume.

Yes, Video Resume. A kind of video where you record yourself 2-3 mins long, about your skills and proficiency, your work and school related history, and lastly your strengths and weaknesses. 

You can record this using your own phone camcorder OR any website with a built-in Visume recording function.

A lot of companies have been using this for quite a long time especially those who hire via Virtual Job Fairs because they want to see how you speak, how you present yourself, your attitude and personality.

Hmm, that seems simple though!
It is not that simple! Just like creating your written/typed resume, you have to prepare everything, avoid mistakes and mostly confidence plays a very big part in this.
(How so?)

Imagine yourself stuttering in front of cameras, (most of us do), it would make a really bad video, employers who are seeing this would look negatively at your first impression and you would have to do this in ONE shot! Imagine the amount of time you would have to re-record the video. Again and again and again...

How DO YOU overcome this? Let us help you.

Now get out there and try your best in making the first best Visume!

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