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How far have we come within this 53 years? (Celebrating the 53rd birthday of our homeland)

How far have we come to this day?

9 August 1965, Singapore achieved her independence. Even when years passed, some jobs stay while other jobs were gone throughout history.

How far have we evolved from a fishing village to a multi-racial, multi-national independent island state?

Let's take a look:

When it was 50 years ago, how did our Singaporeans look for jobs?

Many years ago, most job seekers applied blindly. Through word of mouth, advertisements such as newspaper advertisements, radio or TV. 

Now, you would approach your search by applying and sending in resumes to job postings on Facebook, emailing, and various online job portals.

What will the future be when you look for jobs? Would you be staying at home doing your jobs as you are self-employed/freelance OR would you actually go to other countries just by flying by your own large drone?

What kind of career was available 50 years ago?

Image result for sampan singapore 1960Back then, jobs available such as farmers, rat catchers, knife sharpeners, mail sorters, cattle ranchers, switchboard operators, analogue drafters, I can go on. Most of these jobs become scarce, some of them evolved and a lot of them has been taken over by technology.

Right now, there's social media recruiters, blockchain specialists, IT Software engineers, and most of the jobs that evolve one to overcome tech disruption and embrace it.

What about the future? How will it look like?
I've made an article on what jobs look like 100 years into the future, take a look. 

How do people travel to their workplace back then?

Image result for travelling singapore 1960

Simply put, you remember those old videos you saw on the TV. It's basically the same but now there's no sampan, no trishaws, walking on foot for kilometres. All transport is readily available for our local commuters. You can't really imagine how those people have a really hard time dealing with heat in the bus. Remember, back then got no air-con hor...

Now, everyone wishes to be transported by driverless cars and flying drones to work. Best yet, teleport there so you can go to work on time without your boss screaming at your face for your punctuality! 

I think that's least of the common questions kids ask how was the past like for our locals.

So once again, we wish our nation happy birthday!

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