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What will jobs be like 100 years in the future?

Article by Syafaat

Before I would even start to list down the future jobs. Let’s take a step back and see what jobs have been taken away. Make a guess. Plus, I don’t even know that these jobs even existed!

  • Ice cutters
  • Lamplighters
  • Switchboard Operators
  • Rat catchers
  • Human Alarm Clock
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Ice Cutters Circa 1800s

Ice Cutters, they cut ice from cold places and to export them to neighbouring countries. Back then, fridges weren’t even invented yet. People used to light oil lamps as their profession, the lamplighters. Human Alarm Clock, heh, those people back then either wake up early in the morning or not sleep at all. Just to wake up another lazy bum in the morning.
In the era of where everyone starts to have a phone at home, with all the phone wires dangling on the streets, there were switchboard operators (I heard monkeys replaced them at first).

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Rat Catchers

I’m not too sure about rat catchers though I mean the pest busters still exist. Because it evolves into another profession.

Looking back, it’s just a few decades back. Now, if we could imagine the possibility of jobs getting replaced or evolving into another job. What are the possible jobs that could be replaced?

Now, we are in the era of where human starts to play around with Artificial Intelligence or A.I. for short. Many tech companies are making way to driverless cars, automated systems and we also have robots which are expected to replace news anchors. Well, most of you might have known about that first robot which was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.
Like, wow. Kind of funny though when in the future, robots must apply for a visa to travel to Singapore and apply for jobs. (laughs). But that sort of possibility can be extremely true. It’s scary.

Google Self-Driving Car

Ai/Robots will replace delivery, taxi drivers, cooks, local provision shop vendors, payroll, HRs. A.I. will get a lot smarter. Our most powerful PCs will be as small as our handhelds. You won’t need designers to create intricate designs as you only need to imagine what is on your mind to make the design pieces.

As more and more technologies and machines are being developed, there will be a need of more software engineers, programmers, developers and IT specialists as well as technicians to fix problems and continue to develop even smarter A.I.s and programmes.

Well, designers could become obsolete. Maybe evolve into a different name like ‘Imaginators’. Imagining things to create products in various software where people others can’t imagine. Jobs evolve to adapt to the changes. That will be my thought of what jobs would be like 100 years in the future.

So what's your thought? What will the jobs be like 100 years later?

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