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What's the difference between Career and Job? A career is the overall course of progress towards lifelong aims or the quest of a lifelong dream. Job is an action whereby cash can be earned by an individual. This is a routine action in exchange.
You need to do to find out your progression you want in your career? Resolutions for the start of the year mean different type resolutions for a lot of people. Earn more money, lose weight, eat better and save more money are common goals. While others try to ask for a raise, jump starts their careers or gets a promotion.   
You need to reflect and plan your resolution during holidays; it’s common for people to have career resolutions because work is the vital aspect of our lives. We develop our skills and knowledge, broaden our experience and are empowered to be the best we can be. It is everyone’s interest to become better at what we do for a living. Below are career-related resolutions;

Promotion or Increase in Salary

Mentioning you work hard or been with the company for a long period is not valid reason for promotion or raise. Long serving employee doesn’t necessarily count but results do. Understand what it takes and the timeline to expect to receive a raise or promotion. Plan a few smaller goals which will help you accomplish your big achievement. Create a list your responsibilities, what you want to achieve in the projects you’ve worked on. Getting client recommendations or endorsements and how you’ve made your manager’s job easier. If possible, quantify your accomplishments.

Relieve your stress

Do not put pressure on yourself, take one step back and start working with simple things like sleeping better and exercising more. Find an activity to de-stress in your daily regimen. Understand where stress is coming from. Is it coming outside, working environment or it may be yourself.

Find a New Career
Do you want to do a drastic change or just make a minor shift? Take matters into your hands; only consider this if you feel stuck. Or hate your boss or company and feel like there’s no growth and you are not put into good use. Or should you consider requesting a new role within your current company. It is usually easier and quicker way to achieve your career goals by having an internal move.

Learn how to build and maintain working and non-working relationshipsMake an effort to attend more seminars and networking event if you don’t like digital interactions. But if you like digital interaction then be more active on Facebook or LinkedIn networks, keep in touch and connect with past colleagues, friends and family. Create a great profile and spend 15 minutes of your time and two times a week to connect with colleagues, former colleagues, friends and surf around.
Live to Learn and Learn to Live

Good attitude can bring you success not only in your career but your life as well. You would need to build constantly up your skills to advance your career. The skills and experience you have learned follow you wherever you go. Start taking a class and earn a certification that will help build momentum towards it. Have a live to learn and learn to live attitude will more likely attract opportunities.


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