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Top 10 Jobs available now in FindSGJobs (which we think are pretty neat!)

Ever wondered what is it like living the dream of luxury with jobs we work for are for the past, present and future? There are so many job opportunities lying around Singapore that we almost miss the opportunity to apply for it. In this blog, I'll list down the top 10 jobs available with the link together. (Note: The job posted may expire or no longer be vacant, so we link it to the company profile itself)

Number 10 -  Audio Visual Engineer
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/4661/kasturi-technology-pte-ltd/

When you have these 3 words (Audio, Visual, Engineer) together in 1 job title, there's bound to have some awesome jobs scope to what you will actually do! Monitoring the status of repairs of faults and responding to requests for setup, rectification & trouble-shooting of AV equipment

Number 9 - Fitness Instructors
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/5035/fitness-factory-pte-ltd/

For the guys who hit the gym, this is one not to be missed. Its Singapore’s first and leading Boutique Gym highly specialized in a personalized fitness program. Offering customized fitness solutions focused on individual’s needs, lifestyle and fitness goals. You will be the inspiration of others!

Number 8 - Nutritionist
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/7596/yun-nam-hair-care-pte-ltd/

This is not just a normal nutritionist, ITS A NUTRITIONIST FOR YOUR HAIR! (or scalp). As everyone would grow older becoming bald, mostly affecting men, YOU are the person to assist them in gaining their confidence back! This job makes you a hero to them. Or maybe me (I'm going bald too :') )

Number 7 - English Preschool Teacher
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/10782/crestar-education-group/

If you love kids and love to play along and teach them the wonders of the English language, this is one job you might want to apply for! This institution has been established in 6 different countries bringing different methods and tricks of education around the world.

Number 6 - Sandwich Artist
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/11848/fresh-bites-pte-ltd/

Be it a part-time job or full-time job. Have you ever told yourself, you've made the best sub sandwich ever to the customer? No? Apply for this job! Have the burning passion of a sandwich artist! 

Number 5 - Social Media Specialist
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/8727/it-werks-pte-ltd/

And this would be one of the jobs that make you spend more time on various social media. No one judges you for being tech savvy or an expert in social media! Out-compete other competitors in the market with your knowledge in the social media!

Number 4 - Graphics Artist
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/10495/premium-global-pte-ltd/

Are you a graphic designer? This would be one of the design jobs that wants you to fully explore your creativity and imagination to bring out the "OOOOMPH!" in you!

Number 3 - Beauticians
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/12854/modern-beauty-salon-s-pte-ltd/

In this job, you have to be selfless, providing a one-stop wellness centre that is able to embrace the modern individual's hectic lifestyle preferences.Set yourself apart from other traditional competition and create a complete wellness experience leave many of people absolutely delighted.

Number 2 - Director of SPA
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/9743/sofitel-singapore-sentosa-resort-spa/

What is it like working for one of the most luxurious 5 star hotel in Sentosa Singapore which set atop a cliff in 27 acres of lush tropical woodlands and landscaped water gardens? Well, apply now to experience it yourself!

Number 1 - Tea Retail Manager
Link: https://www.findsgjobs.com/company/9390/twg-tea-company-pte-ltd/

When you are TEA>COFFEE person and love the smell of herbs and many combinations of tea leaves, this is the job for you! If I have to say 1 word about this job is: CLASS 
And 2 words for their tea variations: PURE FUEL

In the future, there may be jobs which would be waaayy cooler than the one listed here but nonetheless, you should take a look at these jobs! 

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