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[Past Events] HR Workshop on Government Support Programmes and Hiring Solutions

On 30th Aug 2017, 30 HRs attended to this briefing on the ways of hiring through social media and making use of the support programmes launched by the government such as the Career Support Programmes, Professional Conversion Programmes and P-MAX Place and Train Programme for PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians).

Kaplan Institute also joined this session with their booth set up to share with these HRs on the courses and training offered by them and how it can benefit them.

The attendees were given much more info on the ongoing Human Resource e-Career Fair that is happening now until next year June 2018. For those who are looking to hire Payroll Officers, HR Admins, etc. Even if they are also looking to change their positions to other HR opportunities.

Take a look!


Stay tuned for more events at www.findsgjobs.com!

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