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Learning to a better manager

Making mistakes provide excellent learning opportunities but make it is better not to make careless mistakes in the first place.

A common mistake that a manager fails to do is empower their team member. Because they feel that the no-one can do key jobs better than themselves.

A manager needs to plan good measured goals that are achievable and ends up exceeding them by leaps and bounds. Ensure your team member knows what's expected. By providing those concrete goals empowers and keeps them focused on work. Take a step further by outlining what you expectation, deadline, and desired results. Provide them with goal-oriented feedback allows them to focus on their work. Schedule a regular feedback session with them, this allows them to know there is a channel for discussion and getting advice.

Managers need to learn how to delegate and empower their team member to perform the duties. Building the trust in your team is critical and empowering your team member to perform their duties else you may end up trying to do their work. Micromanaging does not help your team member won’t learn, develop and improve. Explain to them the expectations to take on more work and be independent. Allow team member to know the overall direction of the project, the goals allow you to measure the outcome.

Managers will need to provide regular feedback to your team member. Redirect kudos and credit to the team member when they achieve the goals and targets. Don't take away the credit of your team member achievements. Let your team member take credit for their achievements. Through this, they are motivated to continue to chase after success.

Likewise, guide them through their mistakes and as their manager, assume responsibility for your team member errors. By doing so, your team member will innovate and learn. Team member learns better from their mistakes and grows to become stronger and better.

Keeping your door open. Good managers must learn how to engage with difficult personalities and situations.  Let your team member know that you're ready and willing to listen if they have any questions or concerns. The manager will be able to solve the issues if you sustain an open channel of communication so that you can fix the problem as soon as possible.

As a manager, treat your team member well.  If they're happy with their jobs, they'll pass that kindness on to customers. This will maintain a positive corporate culture.

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