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The Hidden Stress

Superman. We all do hope to take on the stress like Superman. Solving every problem at work. Taking on new challenges. Swallowing the bitter pill to achieve every objective. But even superman has stress, 1 man cannot take on the whole world. That's why he needs the Justice League!
Different types of stress from different Industries.

Salesman clinching every deal to achieve their sales target to attain their commission. 
Service Officer attending to every enquiry of the customer, solving every issue that customer faced yet may get scolded by angry customers.
Engineer ensure diagrams and calculations are accurate and able to carry out implementation successfully without suffering error and losses. 

These are just some examples whereby different job roles, do their very best to achieve the KPIs yet withstanding the stress that comes along with it.

So how much stress can we put up with? How long can we sustain with such stressful lifestyle?

Look out for the symptoms
Do you notice body changes due to stress? Some experience hair loss, weight changes, mood swings, sleepless nights, dragging feet to work and many more reasons to be listed.

Why are we feeling the stress?
One, we could be overwhelm by work and need to work overtime for long period of time. We do hear from friends rushing their projects and deadline for weeks and months, getting little rest time for sleep and goes to work everyday. Sometimes, these friends gone missing from our radar for quite some time till we hear from them again about completion of their last project.

Two, some may need to perform and deliver work at top notch quality for every minute. Just to name some jobs that may be monetary sensitive, critical systems, affecting lives of others and etc.

Third, we could be afraid of losing our job. When we know we cannot deliver work that is up to expectation, we will feel down, hence losing motivation and underperforming. This is the point where we are afraid of losing jobs to competent colleagues.

However, these are not one many factors contributing to stress. How about external factors?

External factors such as family issues and money management can affect us too. We may worry about large expenses such as housing costs, or over relationship issues, hence losing focus at work.

Managing Stress
So how do we manage stress the way we manage work?

Well, listen to happy songs, because sad, emotional ones would only make us feel worse. Take a break, plan a holiday, or talk to someone, listen to their opinions and get different perspectives on handling certain matters, or take up a new hobby, and let this cut down time spent on working overtime.

These are some examples that cause us to supress our own feelings and needs and unknowingly walk ourselves into depression.

Take me for example; I am bad at handling stress. I do pressure myself in hope to perform better at work, but instead under-delivering.
However, I have come to realise that I need to relax and work smartly.

There are many workaround solutions to make things work and make us perform better. We need to find the right method for ourselves.

Slow down our pace and take a breather. 


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