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An article for our fresh graduates from Poly, Uni and from other various institutions.

“Will I get a job?”
“Market not good right? Will I get a good salary like my friends?”
“Will I get pay raise in the next 1-2 years?”
“What are the jobs available? I have no idea which job to go for.”
I am a freshman stepping into the workforce. I have many questions to be addressed. 
Are the companies taking me into consideration given that I have zero working experience?

Look out for companies that are willing to accept fresh entry level jobseekers. Companies will include in their job requirements. I have nothing to write in my resume. How do I write a resume? Do I still need a resume?

Yes, you will need to have a resume so the hiring managers can contact you. It acts as a biography reference for hiring managers to refer to after going through multiple rounds of interview.

You can put in personal details so hiring managers know more about you, they can call you to arrange for an interview and email you the interview details.

Academic wise, write down the subjects that you have taken and this add value to the job that you are applying. We do have project works, CCAs, awards and these are the achievements to display your leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

Does part-time work count? 

Even if the part-time work is not related to the next job that you are applying, just put it in so the hiring managers know that you have somewhat working experience. This actually impresses the hiring manager that you are working to earn experience or earning the salary to pay for school fees and etc.

What jobs can I take on? Should I just take on any jobs that comes along? I don't understand the job description. I am not sure if I can do it.

Start off with the jobs that you like and the companies that you would love to work for. Slowly expand your search to other related jobs and other industries. Sometimes, we can be narrow-minded when it comes to selecting the jobs.
Read the job description well, you can either ask the hiring manager for clarifications or ask the experienced working adults if they know what the job description is looking for.
We may not be able to fulfil the 101 tasks or every requirement stated in the job description but we can inform the hiring manager, this is the one item I cannot fulfil, I would like to pick it up as I go. Discussion with the hiring manager will help you to understand what you would be hired for.

Prior to interview day, do anticipate the questions coming from the hiring manager. Typical questions like what is your strengths and weakness, what did you studied, or start off with a short introduction of yourself.

Where to find the jobs?

Many ways to do it. Conventionally, we have the newspapers. Young adults will go to various job portals, job fair, apps or employment agencies to look for job opportunities.

Opportunities are endless. Have you started?


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