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One door closes, another one opens. The room, the hammer and the watch.

Have you ever been in a position where you missed the opportunity to actually release yourself from a difficult situation? It seems like the door got locked shut while you were busy contemplating whether you should leave your company or not. Then suddenly, you missed the chance to leave. What other choice do you have?

It's time to make a change. My dear readers, having an opportunity in front of you is not based on luck. With patience, hard work and dedication, you are able to create that opportunity to get yourself out of a messy situation.

Imagine that YOU are in a room, the big metal door with no handle is locked, since you were contemplating in that room for hours the door shuts itself, the door only opens for a few hours for every 6 months.You are only equipped with a small hammer, the kind that you use to tenderise the meat.

The only things you are wearing are your clothes and a watch. This watch, it only goes backwards, counting down from 1000h to 0 when you are in that room. It will start to countdown once the door closes. Once it goes to 0, your life ends. It resets when you are in another room.

What will you do?

Just like any life situation, you would want to try out everything possible to get out of the room. The little hammer, you will try to best to hit every obstacle. Hitting the door proves pointless, as it is a metal door unlike any other. Hitting yourself is the last thing you want to do. Hitting the wall seems to have some dent, after a while hitting the same dent, the wall starts to break, leaving a hole...

With 513h left on the watch, you are able to make a hole big enough to proceed to the other side of the room. But the room is in a different and better setting. The watch now resets to 1000h, this time with 2 doors. Once you are in the room, will you doom to make the same mistakes again?

The whole point here is that you must not be afraid to press on forward and try any possible method to get out of the situation you are in. You have the power to make opportunities. But bad situations will still follow you unless you make a change.

Mistakes are unavoidable, but the same mistakes shouldn't be repeated.

Make use of your skills, skills you learnt from the past bad experience you were in. The door to opportunity is always open till it closes. Whether the other side of the bridge is good or bad, under the situation you are in, you must always strive to change the present.

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